How to Build A DIY Computer Desk

This is a large table for corners outside your kitchen, dining room, workspace or bed. It’s as perfect as a computer desk for your laptop. The list of materials consists of the top, legs, rear/rails, apron/center rails and curved apron. The only hardware needed is round wood screw and biscuits. This is a good project for an early carpenter. Let’s see how to build DIY computer desk:

Reason Wear Small Corner Computer Desk How to Build A DIY Computer Desk

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Prepare materials and parts that fit the size. This table requires 12 feet board 8/4 stock and 6 feet stock boards 4/4. The top is maple and legs, aprons and rails made of poplar. The aircraft 8/4 stock becomes 1 1/2 inch then ripped up to 1 1/2 inch. Cut 4 pieces for feet. Glue pieces are left to the top side. 4/4 plane of stock 1/4 inch thick. Use this to cut rails, rear apron, and central apron. The lagging wood should be planned to 1/2 inch to create a curved apron.

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Stretch stock for bending jigs. Glue with pieces of plywood for jig bending. You need a block of 4 inches by 6 inches wide by 21 inches. Create a bending jig. Lay out the curve, and then cut it with a band saw. Bend a curved apron. On every curved apron board, cut the noise in 3/8 inch. Their space is 3/4 inch apart. Glue two back-to-back boards and tap them on a bent jig at 90 degrees.


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