Gundogan talks about last season’s league championship drama

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Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan has spoken about the club’s final league title drama last season.

         City scored three goals in a row to beat Aston Villa 3-2, satisfying supporters after two goals down, with the hero Gundogan scoring two goals for the ufabet team to win, speaking about the incident. that day

         “It’s been a bad start for me,” the 31-year-old told ‘Together: Champions Again!’, a new documentary about the team’s title wins last season.

         “I was expecting a great start to the game but it didn’t. I didn’t start last week against West Ham, so I’m pretty sure I’ll start against Aston Villa.”

         “Then I found myself not being a real person, it frustrates me a lot. have the same anger But I also try to concentrate and support those who have started. And maybe even put that anger into the game.”

         “Things weren’t so good when I was put on, I was in the game for 10 seconds and we conceded the second goal. To be honest, there’s not much hope anymore. But as a professional you always try your best to start with the simple things.”

         “We tried to score the first goal as quickly as possible and luckily it happened, then in 10 minutes we scored three goals, everything happened very quickly. It is still difficult for me to think or analyze because it happens really fast.”