Leipzig CEO admits team cannot sign big names

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Leipzig CEO Oliver Mintzlaff has spoken about the reasons why the club are not so keen on signing big-name players. Due to the problem of both the cost and the high wages

         Leipzig stepped up to be the top team in the German Bundesliga. But in the past has not been reinforced with many famous players. The team’s CEO pointed out that it was a matter of money. Both the cost and the number of wages the ufabet team had to bear.

         “Let’s say a world-class player like Sadio Mane chooses us, then he will demand something in the dressing room with his salary. That we don’t want and can’t,” Mintzlaff said.

         “Because in the end The security of the team’s finances is going to turn to the other side.”

         Meanwhile, Mintzlaff spoke about the team’s incendiary attacker, Christopher Nkunku. “Christopfer Nkunku has developed wonderfully with us. So we decided early on not to let him go.”

For Liverpool or Bayern, a player of Werner’s calibre would be a fine signing. While he may still have to work at certain areas of his game—most notably his play with his back to goal—when he has space to surge into, his natural attacking instincts are clear to see.

Having noted there are clubs interested in signing him, the forward may be hesitant about putting pen to paper with Leipzig, as the prospect of a new challenge at a European juggernaut would no doubt be appealing. For his current employers, that will be a big problem.