Romano Jansteghen has no plans for La Barca

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Fabrizio Romano has reported that Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen is not interest in leaving the club this summer.

         The German goalkeeper has been link with a move away from the ufabet club to ease the burden on the club. While Frenkie de Jong is likely to stay at the club. Causing the club to look for other players to be release instead.

         However, Romano said Stegen had no plans to leave the team, while the club had no intention of selling out of the team either.

         The 30-year-old has been at Barcelona since 2014, making more than 300 appearances for the club, winning numerous trophies with the Spanish La Liga four times, the Copa del Rey five times, the Super. Copa de Espana x 1, UEFA Champions League x 1, UEFA Super Cup x 1 and Club World x 1.

Ter Stegen had a strange year at the club last season that saw his form ebb and flow in ways it hadn’t in previous seasons. The team’s entire season was an up-and-down spectacle at times, however, so perhaps it was a one-off. At the very least, I’m thankful the German wants to stay at Barça, as it seems most do these days.

It appears as if good things are ahead for Xavi’s Barça, it would have been a shame for Ter Stegen to leave at this point. Let’s hope his form becomes more consistent under a more consistent regime.