Cat fungus,If you get infected you may have a skin disease and itch all over your body.

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Cat fungal diseases can be transmitted to humans. This is most often caused by fungus living on the cat’s skin. Infection that can be transmitted to humans through direct contact, such as hugging, kissing, holding or sleeping with a cat. It can cause cat owners or people who play with cats to become infected with cat fungus. Especially cats with long hair are at risk for this disease. If the symptoms are severe or severe There may be patches of fur falling out or dry, peeling, but flaky skin, which will cause the owner to easily become infected with this disease. Especially young children, the elderly, pet owners. People who like to play with cats or people whose immune systems are not strong, etc. 

Symptoms of people infected with cat fungus can be observed as follows: Report by สมัคร ufabet

  • There is a red rash on the skin, circular in shape, with scaly patches around it, and the red spots will continue to expand outward, with a rash with clear boundaries.
  • Itchy all the time
  • Symptoms worsen when scratched. This is because the fungus may infect your fingers and nails. When the infected nail touches other areas of the skin, it may become infected with the fungus as well.
  • If not treated The fungus may spread throughout the body. And the red rash may leave black marks. It takes time to heal and return to normal.

However, cat fungal disease is not that dangerous. Because it is classified as a skin disease that can be cured. It may only leave scars on our skin for about 2-3 months. And can come back again.

How to treat cat fungus that is transmitted to people Can be treated as follows.

  • Use fungicide ointment. For people with mild symptoms, a rash with 1-2 red spots, the doctor will treat them by applying fungicide continuously for about 3 weeks until the rash gradually disappears.
  • Use topical medicine together with oral medicine. In people with severe symptoms The rash spreads to many places on the body. The doctor will give both medicine and antifungal ointment. and medicine to fight fungus This may take 3 weeks or more to heal.

          However, if you get a fungal infection from your cat, you should take your cat to a veterinarian for treatment. and the period between treatment The cat should be separated into another room and the area of ​​the house cleaned to eliminate all germs.