Is it true baby powder increases the chance of acne.

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The real purpose of baby powder is to absorb moisture from the skin. Makes little children who have to wear diapers all day feel comfortable More comfortable on the skin It also helps reduce friction between the skin and the diaper or clothing.

Therefore, we must start by understanding that children’s skin is not the same as our facial skin. Although they are similar in their sensitivity, children do not have the hormones that produce oil on their skin like we do. Therefore, using baby powder on the face has many negative effects.

Disadvantages of applying baby powder : Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

  • Dehydrated skin: Absorbing moisture from the skin may actually make the skin feel more comfortable when applied. But it is detrimental in the long run. Because hygroscopic means sucking water and moisture out of the skin. When first applied, we will feel that the skin is smooth and looks matte. But if used for a long time You will start to feel that your skin will start to dry out. And it makes it easy for makeup to stain during the day.
  • The oil on the skin is out of balance. Apart from the skin being dry and dehydrated, the effects of this are My face will become oilier. Because the skin understands that dry skin is lacking oil. Causing it to produce more oil than before.
  • Enlarged pores and the skin produces more oil. Our pores will try to expand themselves. To drive the oil out.
  • The skin is clogged to the point of acne. Because of the thought Baby powder is gentle. Some people carry it often to fill up during the day. The more oily your face feels, the more you apply it. Let me tell you that even if it’s baby powder, it can clog the skin as well. Especially if we don’t clean our skin well. Acne will definitely invade.
  • Discolored makeup Because the baby powder particles are not fine enough for makeup use. And the powder is usually white. When we apply it to the skin It will make the color of the powder remain. It doesn’t swallow foundation or my skin. Makes the skin look white or distorted from reality.